Sufficiently Advanced Technology by Christopher Nuttall published today

shuttle: Alison Buck, photographs: SimonB, LianeM/

shuttle: Alison Buck, photographs: SimonB, LianeM/

Sufficiently Advanced Technology, the first book in the epic new science-fiction Inverse Shadows universe, is available from today as an eBook.

In the latest book from best-selling science-fiction author Christopher Nuttall, Confederation scouts encounter Darius, a lost colony world whose inhabitants have discarded technology and adopted a feudal culture. But the people in control appear to be using a technology sufficiently advanced to seem like ‘magic’. The need to understand and control such a technology leads to an urgent mission to investigate. But the people on Darius are not as simple as they seem…

Sufficiently Advanced Technology is available from today on iTunes, Kindle (UK, US, CA, BR, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP) and Kobo and will be available in paperback in November.


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