“Poor little Tilly. Tej Turner made me want to hug her” – review of The Janus Cycle on HumanitysDarkerSide

The Janus Cycle cover image

Artwork: Alison Buck

On the HumanitysDarkerSide blog, Lise has written a review of The Janus Cycle by Tej Turner. She highlights the underlying theme of bullying, both one-on-one and mob-on-one. She singles out Frelia, who intervenes; and Tilly who becomes desperate. As she says “At one point things became so desperate for her that Tilly was ready to kill herself. Being treated like a verbal and/or physical punching bag almost every day makes her need to be true to herself something I both admire and understand. Poor little Tilly. Tej Turner made me want to hug her.”

Her overall conclusion: Definitely recommended.

You can read the full review here on HumanitysDarkerSide.


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