“surreal, daft anthropomorphisms of the everyday” – review of Mirrors in the Deluge on Starburst Magazine website

Artwork: Alison Buck

Artwork: Alison Buck

On the Starburst Magazine website, Jennie Bailey has written a review of Mirrors in the Deluge by Rhys Hughes. She describes the short stories in this collection as “surreal, daft anthropomorphisms of the everyday”. She says that there’s “fun to be had with the mythical… and the fantastical”, and as “promised by the book blurb, the book is filled with word play”. Having started her review by praising short stories and saying how the “best short stories tend to leave you wanting more”, her “small criticism” of Mirrors in the Deluge is that a few of the stories are too short. She sums up by saying that the stories in the book are “colourful romps told by a storyteller with a vivid and often witty imagination” and as such they “allow Hughes’s playful stories to whisk you along”. Thanks Jennie.

You can read Jennie’s full review here.


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