Random Dingoes now also available in paperback

Random Dingoes, being the third novel by Ira Nayman to attempt to document the trials and tribulations of the Transdimensional Authority, is available in a paperback edition from today.

Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell Montreal Background image: Gisela McKay

Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell
Montreal Background image: Gisela McKay

In Random Dingoes, the third Transdimensional Authority novel by Ira Nayman, investigators Noomi Rapier and Crash Chumley – who we first met in Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the Inconvenience) and again in You Can’t Kill the Multiverse (But You Can Mess With its Head) – look into reports of a drug that allows people to travel between universes without technological assistance. They methodically work their way up the drug ring’s chain of command and are just about to arrest its leader when – time travel happens. With the assistance of Time Agency agent Radames Trafshanian, Noomi and Crash must navigate realities they hadn’t anticipated and which they wouldn’t want to live in. But, can they find a decent corned beef on rye? You’ll have to read Random Dingoes to find out!

Random Dingoes has been available in popular eBook formats since the 3rd April.


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