“brilliant gathering of short fiction” – review of Existence is Elsewhen in Aurealis magazine

Artwork by Alison Buck

Artwork by Alison Buck

In the latest issue (#90) of Aurealis magazine, Robbie Colburn has written a review of Existence is Elsewhen. Although Aurealis is primarily a magazine about Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy they recognise the global nature of SF; and, of course, the line-up of authors in Existence is Elsewhen is itself distinctly global. Sydney-based author Steve Harrison’s satirical Earthsale was one of the stories that Robbie liked, but he also singled out Tej Turner’s The Last Days, Stefan Jackson’s Luceria and Dave Weaver’s The Copy. He complimented the diversity of the stories included in what he described as a “generous bumper collection of speculative writing”.

Aurealis #90 available from www.aurealis.com.au

You should read all of Robbie’s review in issue #90 of Aurealis – and while you’re at it read the rest of the magazine too which also includes original short stories. You can get Aurealis here.


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