Alex Storer

Alex StorerAlex Storer is an artist/illustrator and electronic musician based in Sheffield, UK.

A lifelong interest in science fiction came full circle in 2010 when Alex began producing his own brand of science fiction artwork. Taking influence from classic SF and the space art greats of the 1970s and 80s, his work often pays homage to yesterday’s visions of tomorrow yet remains contemporary and distinctive in style.

As well as readily acknowledging the influence of SF art masters such as David A. Hardy and Chris Moore, the advent of pixel art and the vibrant games and graphics of the Commodore Amiga in the early 1990s was a turning point for Alex, giving him his first taste of digital artwork.

Alex’s H.G. Wells-inspired painting Awakening was included in Brave New Worlds: Utopias/Dystopias in London in 2011, and examples of his work have previously appeared in ImagineFX Magazine, Computer Arts, Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel (Mike Chinn) and How to Draw and Sell Comics (Alan McKenzie).

In addition to his artwork, Alex has been composing instrumental music since 2006 under the name of The Light Dreams – atmospheric soundscapes inspired by a wealth of SF film and literature as well as the fascinating world of dreams. Having grown up with a passion for both science fiction and electronic music, this crossover comes as no surprise!

In 2012, Alex was invited to be first honorary interstellar musician and artist for the Initiative for Interstellar Studies, and has since released three albums in support of the Initiative.

Alex has produced the cover art for Forbidden Alliance, the second book in Katrina Mountfort’s Blueprint trilogy, and Freedom’s Prisoners, the third book in the trilogy:

Artwork: Alex Storer

Artwork: Alex Storer

Artwork: Alex Storer

Artwork: Alex Storer


He also designed the cover and produced the artwork for Zoë Sumra’s second novel The Wages of Sin:

Cover: Alex Storer

Cover: Alex Storer


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