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Rebecca HallRebecca started writing when she was supposed to be studying for her exams at Otago University but somehow passed anyway, eventually graduating with a decorative piece of paper. She moved to the UK to pursue a career in publishing and after a couple of mishaps ended up in Edinburgh and sold Instrument of Peace to Elsewhen Press, which is not quite the career she had in mind. The career she did have in mind was along more editorial lines which is why she is now a volunteer at Inspired Quill and a freelance copy-editor for everyone else. She also has a blog which she infrequently remembers to update, where those mysterious things known as short stories can be found.

Even after three years, she is baffled by the fact that the British use miles, pints and 1p coins but things like pineapple lumps, black forest chocolate and L&P have not caught on. Rebecca would like to make it very clear that she is a Kiwi and absolutely NOT an Australian (or South African) and she will do almost anything for chocolate.

Artwork by Alison Buck  based on feather photo by KPG_Payless/shutterstock.comRebecca’s debut novel, Instrument of Peace, the first book in the Symphony of the Cursed series, was published by Elsewhen Press on 24th June 2016.

Artwork by Alison BuckInstrument of War, the second book in the Symphony of the Cursed series, was published by Elsewhen Press on 2nd June 2017.



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