Sacred Land Stories

by Tanya Reimer

Alternate history suspense incorporating the paranormal and infused with romance, these are stories that concern the Sacred Lands of the Ghost tribes in the prairies of Saskatchewan. But they also touch on the interwoven loves, hopes, dreams and tragedies of lives lived on those prairies by both the tribes and the settlers.

The first Sacred Land Story, Ghosts on the Prairies, was published by Elsewhen Press in July 2014.

Ghosts on the Prairies

A Sacred Land Story

Ghosts on the Prairies cover image

Artwork: Alison Buck


Some things are worth a fight. Strong words that Antoine’s father drilled into him.

After his father mysteriously vanishes one night, Antoine must find another income or he risks losing the Sacred Land that his father swore to protect.

Working on a ranch, Antoine meets Emma, a victim of underground slavery. Fighting for her freedom costs him his home, his sister, his best friend, and puts in question all of his values. If he succeeds, will she and her son fit into his world?

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The second Sacred Land Story, Legends on the Prairies, a prequel to Ghosts on the Prairies, will be published by Elsewhen Press in August 2016.

Legends on the Prairies

A Sacred Land Story

Artwork: Alison Buck

Artwork: Alison Buck


What if someone believed you were a hero from a legend?

“Don’t you believe in legends?” Such a simple question, yet what Sacri really wants Alex to believe is that he is the hero from her legends. A hero meant to save land that her tribe needs.

Alex is a lot of things. He’s a painter, a sculptor, and a dreamer. He was just fired from a good job, grieves for a woman he hoped to marry, and is known as the local drunk. He’s terrified of fire, of losing his friend, and of being alone. He is a lot of things, but hero isn’t one of them.

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