Elsewhen Press seeks to publish new exciting titles in the Speculative Fiction genre, especially (but not exclusively) from previously unpublished authors. We are looking for high quality manuscripts that tell a compelling story, ideally developed around a strong underlying theme that adds something significant and novel to the genre. Manuscripts must be of book-length, can be an individual story or (first in) a series of stories. We may also consider a collection of short stories. Although we may publish an anthology of short stories, any included stories would generally be by invitation, so please don’t submit a short story for consideration for a future putative anthology.

If you have a manuscript to submit, please check below to make sure we are currently accepting submissions then read the submission guidelines before you send us anything. A significant part of our time is taken with reading prospective manuscripts, so you must stick to the guidelines or we are likely to just reject it out of hand (harsh maybe, but the only realistic way for us to stay sane!).

September 2017: We are closed for submissions.
Please check back in November for the next submission round.

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