Before you send anything to us please read the following:

  1. Check our Submit page (click here) to make sure we are currently accepting submissions. If we’re swamped, or our resources are fully committed for some time ahead we will stop accepting submissions for a while.
  2. First, make sure that what you have written fits in with the style and genre of books we publish. If you’re not already familiar with our approach then check out our philosophy page (click here). However good your story is, we can’t even consider it if it’s not likely to be of interest to our target market. Remember, we only publish English language Speculative Fiction.
      Also, length is important (whatever you’ve been told!). We would generally not consider anything outside the range 70,000–120,000 words (although that top limit is more flexible and a longer story may be amenable to being published as two volumes).
  3. If you’re sure that your manuscript meets the criteria above, send us an email (click here) with a short synopsis of your story (up to 500 words), your intended audience and the length of the manuscript (i.e. word-count). We’re only interested in Speculative Fiction, but you should give us an idea which sub-genre it would be best classified under (e.g. science fiction, fantasy, alternative history). If you’re submitting to multiple publishers at the same time please mention that too.
      Please also include some biographical details about yourself. If you’ve had short stories or books published before let us know what they were and where/when they were published. If you’ve been nominated or won awards let us know that too (no need to be shy!) – but don’t worry if you haven’t, it won’t be a disadvantage as we’re especially keen to publish new authors.
  4. If we think we might be interested we’ll ask you to send us the first chapter (or the first 10-15 pages) so we can get a better idea of your writing style. Don’t send this unsolicited as it won’t be read. This should be formatted according to standard manuscript formatting conventions (e.g. A4, double spaced, left-justified right-ragged, 12pt Times New Roman, 3cm margins all round, Author/TITLE in the header, page number in header/footer, contact details on the front page) and we would prefer to receive this as an RTF file (rather than .doc or .docx).


Do NOT send us an unsolicited manuscript as we will NOT read it. Follow the procedure above.

As at 16 February 2015 (Earth Standard Calendar)

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