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We have now moved to a new website on a shiny new domain:
This website is still here to help redirect anyone following an old link.

Please click the link above to go to our new website.

This web interface is available for information access (by advanced carbon-based sentient life-forms) relating to Elsewhen Press, a small independent publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction. Our Earth-based operations are headquartered in the UK, in the South East of England, whence we publish titles in English in print and electronic editions.

The options above enable the selection of the following information:

Catalogue – information on items in the Elsewhen Press Catalogue

Acquire – information on obtaining items identified in the Elsewhen Press Catalogue

Weblog – an interactive blog relating to items in the Elsewhen Press Catalogue

Submit – information for prospective authors

Retrieve – other information relating to Elsewhen Press and this interface

Events – news of events where you can meet us or our authors

Commune – commune with other carbon-based sentient life-forms on our various forums

→Freebies – stuff available to download for free

→milliFiction – stories under 1000 words, read them here for free

You are currently located in the Elsewhen Press Base Station. You can return here at any time by clicking on the Golden Elsewhen Press insignia at the top of the page.

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